How to Inject DLL Hack / Cheat

Helpful Instructions

Everyone at least once played with cheats in Counter-Strike 1.6, but the fact is that in those days when this game was relevant, cheats were in the form of programs (file with the exe extension) and they did not require any injections. Now DLL cheats are created to bypass built-in anti-cheats, and they need to be injected through the so-called injectors. The implementation process itself is very simple, although at first glance it may seem complicated.

The first thing you need to do is load the cheat DLL you want to run (insert into the game). Then you need to download the injector in a special section and carefully read the instructions for the injection. For example, using the well-known Process Hacker. This method is great for injecting cheats into MM and regular servers.

Step-by-step instructions for entering with Process Hacker:
  1. Open Process Hacker;
  2. Specify the game process (for CS:GO it is csgo.exe);
  3. Specify the DLL file of the cheat itself;
  4. Inject!
That's all, it's enough to perform a couple of simple actions and the cheat is already in the game. The implementation process itself will not take more than 2 minutes of your time!
prospec A guest 19 February 2022 00:16

bro it says response is null 

Cheats.ADM @We are near 19 February 2022 03:23

prospec, Hi bro, where?

anon A guest 13 March 2022 20:59

hello i cant seem to get it to do anything all it says when i open the app is a warning and the options are extract,run,andcancel. run dosent do nothin

joe biden
joe biden A guest 13 March 2022 23:46

chocolate chocolate chip'

Cheats.ADM @We are near 14 March 2022 03:53

anon, Hello, we are happy to help you, I would really like to know what script you are talking about?

ALi TAMER A guest 8 April 2022 07:25

Hello I wanted to run a script for Roblox but it's asks me when I try to extract it but it asked me about a password 

Cheats.ADM @We are near 9 April 2022 09:06

ALi TAMER, Hi, glad you're with us, what script are you trying to run?  Through which script executor are you doing this?

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