What to do if cheats do not start and do not work?

Helpful Instructions

Your mood is great, because you've downloaded a new cheat for your favorite game and already imagine how you dominate the rest of the players. What? Hack won't start? Doesn't it work at all? Well, in this manual, we will try to help you with this annoying problem, we will describe all possible ways to solve it, which will help to avoid incorrect work of scripts in the future.

As you know, each cheating software, before being published for open access, is tested by the author on his computer, with an operating system that is probably different from yours. Basically, many people use Windows, which over its long existence has been divided into many versions, and they, in turn, into assemblies (the so-called Builds), of course, each such assembly differs in the composition of components, programs and more. Each computer user has to customize his system, which of course requires the installation of some components. If the downloaded cheat refuses to start or does not work correctly, check the following components, if some are missing, additional installation is required, while it is advisable to update the existing ones.

Which system components need to be installed and updated:
  1. Install / Update Visual C ++ Libraries
  2. Install / update .NET Framework
  3. Install / update DirectX
After installing these programs, as well as updating them, you must restart your computer. If after the actions taken, the script still does not start, you should pay attention to some of the points described below:

  • Disable antivirus (during installation / playing with a cheat);
  • Disable Windows Firewall;
  • Disable the built-in defender of the OS: Windows;
  • Don't use old versions of cheats;
Even if after that, the hack does not respond to the launch, it is not displayed in the game, most likely it is not working, this is extremely rare. Perhaps you are using an outdated version of the cheat and you need to find a fresh release of the file. Maybe you came across a non-working injector, in which case you need to replace it with another one. If the hack is in the .exe format, you can try to click on it with the Right Mouse Button and change the compatibility to another version of Windows, as well as set full access to the file. By following these instructions, you will surely get rid of this problem.
Nike489 @Mike 13 December 2021 15:20

Thank you, I managed to run this cheat, which did not open at all

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