MadInjector (v1.7) For CS:GO

Injectors for Cheats

We really want to introduce you to the MadInjector for CS:GO. It is based on the custom injector in MadLoader. Some may wonder why run the injector outside of MadLoader. This is because not all people want a CS:GO downloader and don't need so many features. The injector is currently undetected and has complete simplicity.

How to install:
  • Turn off the antivirus on your computer;
  • Unpack the archive;
  • Run "MadInjector Setup.exe" as administrator;
  • Install MadInjector;
  • Once configured, you can start the Injector;
How to use:
  1. Turn off your antivirus;
  2. Start CS: GO;
  3. Click on "Select File" and select the file (your.dll);
  4. Wait for successful initialization;
  5. Click on - Inject;
  6. Enjoy;

Download MadInjector For Counter Strike: Global Offensive Free

We recommend to download:
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