TeaInjector (2022) For Team Fortress 2

Injectors for Cheats

We would like to introduce TeaInjector to you. Since Team Fortress 2 has the same VAC system which is very similar to CS: GO, it was easier to create a cheat loader after the MadLoader project. This is why an additional TeaInjector for the TeaLoader has been developed. This injector is on a custom injector. Some may wonder why the launch is done outside the TeaLoader. That's because not everyone needs a Team Fortress 2 bootloader and doesn't need as many features. The injector is currently undetected and has a simple design.

Injector Features:
  • Special and safe loading of injection library;
  • File recovery method;
  • Software Updater (automatic)
How to use:
  1. Turn off the antivirus on your computer;
  2. Start Team Fortress 2;
  3. Click "Select File" and select your file (cheat.dll);
  4. Wait until initialization is successful;
  5. Click Inject;
  6. Play!

Download TeaInjector For Team Fortress 2 Free

We recommend to download:
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