Extreme Injector (v3.7.3) For Many Games

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Extreme Injector is a time-tested injector that injects your .dll files into the processes of different games, many users have rated this program, the injector has only positive reviews! With it, you can get into different games, for example: Roblox, Counter Strike, GTA 5, Far Cry and more.

One of the main features of Extreme Injector is the ability to implement several injection methods, as well as its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Each user can customize the program interface for themselves, change the color of the text and background. You should definitely try this software, because it is not discovered, and will remain so for a long time!

Injector Features:
  • Customizable GUI;
  • List of Processes;
  • Ability to enable / disable the DLL;
  • Automatic Injection;
  • Hidden Injection;
  • Multi Implementation Methods;
  • Implementation support for 64-bit systems;
  • Execution of exported functions after injection;
How to use:
  1. Download and unzip the program;
  2. Run Extreme Injector.exe as Administrator;
  3. Enter the name of the process you will inject into;
  4. Add the required DLLs by clicking on the Add DLL button, you can also drag them to the list;
  5. Click "Inject" and enjoy!
Attention!!! For the correct operation of the injector, install .NET FRAMEWORK 4! Possible false positives of Anti-Virus software

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Hydalkor Sayen 007
Hydalkor Sayen 007 @Hydalkor Sayen 11 February 2022 15:39

working injector!! easy to understand I LOVE YOU 😎 😘

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