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The newest Delta Premium hack for CS:GO game is a brand new cheat that is paid, but was published by the developer Tomson_ for free. It is full of features that Legit servers might need such as Aimbot, Triggerbot, Ragebot, Anti-Aim (AA), visual effects (eg Chams, ESP) and many more.

These days, we all know that simple cheats can be not very functional (with the exception of some legendary ones like Osiris), which is why premium and paid cheats and hacks have been at the top in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive cheat community for so long. as well as in almost every multiplayer game where there are various scripts.

But what if we say that you have the option to use a paid cheat for free? This is exactly the case with the Delta Premium cheat, it is a very powerful paid hack that has been reworked and published for free by several reverse engineers.

Now everyone can enjoy the functionality of Delta Premium, which has a lot of absolutely amazing features built into it. From sv_pure_bypass to edge jump, every movement feature you can think of is right on the menu.

Download DELTA PREMIUM (Crack) For Counter Strike: Global Offensive Free

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