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Every day players dream of a free and powerful and, most importantly, working hvh cheat for CS:GO for the new Danger Zone update. We are ready to lay out for you the most popular today HVH cheat PPHUD, which is very popular in the Russian-speaking community. It is appreciated and loved for its simplicity and convenience. You can configure this hack for both aggressive games and invisible ones.

The functionality of this hack pleases, because this script contains all the necessary functions for playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. You can easily launch the powerful and aggressive RageBot, customize the visuals with the ESP feature, and see enemies behind walls. You can also turn on SkinChanger and visually change any skin of your weapon. Download, you won't regret it!

How to install:
  1. Download the archive and unpack the contents to any folder;
  2. Launch and select Free cheats in the bootloader;
  3. Select PPHUD Free and click the "Launch Game";
  4. Ready!
Attention!!! CFG folder: Documents / PPHUD V3! CFG 05/22/2021

Download PPHUD (v4.0) For Counter Strike: Global Offensive Free

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jacklantern99 @Элла Ильина 29 January 2022 09:18

Guys, well done, but add a few more cool features, I want moreee)))

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