Damascus External (v4.6) For CS:GO

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We present you Damascus cheat with new features, which can be downloaded for free. This hack can be updated when you change the version of the game, besides, it will still be unnoticed by the anti-cheat system.

How to use:
  1. Log out of CS:GO;
  2. Exit the Steam Launcher and the background process;
  3. Run Damascus VAC-Bypass as administrator (optional, but it will help you avoid VAC);
  4. Open the game;
  5. Run Damascus and wait 11 seconds for the cheat to check for updates, you will see a message saying "Update Completed", click OK and enjoy!
Features of the cheat:
  • SkinChanger (AWP/AK/DEAGLE/AUG/SSG).
  • AIMBOT on/off (Auto headshot)
  • TriggerBot on/off (Hold left ALT)
  • TriggerBot For Snipers on/off (Hold left ALT)
  • TriggerBot For Pistols on/off (Hold left ALT)
  • autoupdate
  • No Flash
  • AimLock
  • SkinChanger for knives
  • fixed menu
  • RCS

Download Damascus External For Counter Strike: Global Offensive Free

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