Kiddion's Modest External Menu (v0.9.3) For GTA 5 Online

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Perhaps this is the most popular Kiddion's Modest External Menu cheat mod for GTA 5 Online. For a long time this hack has been one of the best among other hacks for the game GTA 5. Low probability of getting banned, a large number of functions, as well as small functions with the money of the game and much more. Full control over space and players in GTA Online. Installing and configuring this hack is very easy, follow the instructions and you will be sure to run it without any problem.

How to use:
  1. Download Kiddion's Modest External Menu
  2. Start GTA 5 and wait for the game to fully load.
  3. Run the mod.
  4. Read the disclaimer and click OK.
  5. The default keys include: show / hide menu, go back, navigate up / down menu options, decrease / increase the current value. To activate an option, toggle its value or apply any changed setting.
  • [F5] to show / hide the menu;
  • [Numeric keypad 0] to go back;
  • [Numpad 8] and [Numpad 2] to navigate up / down menu options;
  • [Numpad 4] and [Numpad 6] to decrease / increase the current value;
  • [Numpad 5] to activate an option, toggle its value or apply any changed setting.
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Unlimited XP with Kiddions (Safe way):
  1. Open Kiddions, go to Settings and set your RP multiplier to 100 or less; If you bet it on any number over 100, you won't get any RP;
  2. Download the Teleport.json file;
  3. Extract the Teleport.json file to the "modest-menu" folder and overwrite the existing file.
  4. Open Kiddions, go to Teleport> Custom Location and go to "Time Trail";
  5. Then you must start timing and teleport to the "Finish Line";
  6. Repeat these actions, teleport back and forth;
  7. Don't forget to Launch Time Trail.
Update! Works from 19/04/2022. Have a good game!

Download Kiddion's Modest External Menu For Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Free

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Justinq Martinezr
Justinq Martinezr @Justinq Martinezr 2 January 2022 10:43

It really works! Thanks for the update 😎 😊

Dania Mikheeva
Dania Mikheeva @I am from Spain 4 January 2022 10:52

Boys, even a girl like me liked this super cheat

idk A guest 31 January 2022 15:33

what is the password

Cheats.ADM @We are near 1 February 2022 05:59

idk, Good afternoon, the password is standard, namely: 123

idk too
idk too A guest 7 February 2022 13:02

ofc it's working

hata var
hata var A guest 17 May 2022 11:56

havalı şık gençlik

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