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The Wicked Menu is based on the Cheat Engine for GTA 5 Online and was developed by plumbwicked, who previously created a similar menu for another game. If you want to legally use more game features in the Grand Theft Auto Online game, then this menu mod is perfect for your purposes. All functions are controlled through the Cheat Engine, some players are already using it, but some should try it, it's easy to figure it out.

The functionality is just great and is constantly updated by the developer. From the functions I would like to note the following: Teleport to the Casino, Casino cashier, Diamond slot, Roulette table, Clothing stores, Computer to the bunker, Ammo Nation, bunker delivery for 2 million dollars, Speedhack, Dropper Items, Drop-down menu for health and armor and many other possibilities.

How to use:
  1. Download Cheat Engine;
  2. Launch GTA 5 in borderless window mode and load the game;
  3. You must be uploaded to the server;
  4. Launch Wicked for GTA5 v1.8.CT (double click);
  5. Wait for the menu to self-activate;
  6. Use hotkeys to switch cheats (Use ONLY IN GAME);
  7. Click the [X] checkboxes in the hotkey menu to change the hotkeys;
  8. The closing menu will also close the Cheat Engine;
  9. Exiting the menu will close the Cheat Engine;
  10. You can restart the menu at any time while GTA 5 is running;
  11. This is not a trainer, but a cheat table with a GUI.

Download Wicked Menu For Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Free

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