CCGENSHIN (v0.6.1) For Genshin Impact

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The best working and up-to-date CCGENSHIN cheat for Genshin Impact, which is available to users of our portal. Simple menu, many different features such as: GodMode, KillAura, RapidFire, NoClip, Easy Enemies, Autoloot and more. If you want to go through a beautiful game in the world, this hack is perfect for your requirements. It is very simple, has a wide range of features, is easy to sell, does not require any additional programs.

Genshin Impact has a compelling story, lots of content, and a nice cartoony style. There is a large playable area to explore, but there is one significant difficulty: you will have to spend a lot of effort to level up your character and discover all the hidden locations. Gathering resources can also get boring after a while, and the repetitive scenes of battles with enemies are tiring. To simplify all the unnecessary gameplay, use this great script from the cool developer Callow!

How to use?
  1. Download the archive with binaries, unzip wherever you want;
  2. Close Genshin (if it is open);
  3. Run injector.exe, select genshin executable (not launcher);
  4. By default, the cheat menu is opened by pressing F1;
  5. Play!

Download CCGENSHIN - GodMode, KillAura, RapidFire For Genshin Impact Free

We recommend to download:
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