ImGui Menu (v2.1.0) For Phasmophobia

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We recommend downloading one of the best hacks for Phasmophobia Steam version. This is a universal cheat with many different functions, convenient menu control and support from the developer. If you want to dominate the game among your friends or other players, then this hack from koelion is perfect for your plans.

The best script for Phasmophobia?
All functionality is controlled through the ImGui menu, in which there are 6 tabs, for example, you will have access to functions for the player - ESP, Infinity Stamina, God Mode, NoClip, as well as features for the ghost, such as: Display information about the ghost, Stay visible and much more . Download the cheat for free from our portal, run it in the game and see for yourself the best script 😉

How to use:
  1. You need any working injector for Phasmophobia;
  2. Paste the .dll file into the game;
  3. Open the menu by pressing F9 or INSERT;
  4. Play!

Download MultiHack ImGui Menu (Steam Client) For Phasmophobia Free

We recommend to download:
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