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We would like to show you a new cheat loader called TeaLoader for Team Fortress 2, which has the same VAC system that came from CS:GO. The downloader offers many built-in cheats, an undetected built-in injector and offers many features such as an integrated software update, custom injector, file recovery method in case the antivirus gives a false alarm, live hacks status and much more. Regular updates from the developer are expected.

Features of the cheat:
  • Team Fortress 2 launch button;
  • Close the Steam button;
  • VAC-ByPass;
  • Custom Injector;
  • Software Updater (automatic)
  • File recovery method;
  • Injection buttons;
  • Live status;
  • CommentBox;
How to use:
  1. Turn off the antivirus on your computer;
  2. Close Steam;
  3. Open VAC-ByPass-Loader;
  4. Wait for the initialization to be successful;
  5. Start Team Fortress 2;
  6. Select the required hack;
  7. Play!

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