Cheat Launcher (v1.9) For Genshin Impact

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A unique launcher complete with a cheat for the Genshin Impact game with support for the Chinese and global versions of the game. If you don't want to bother using other hacks, then you should try the ready-made Launcher from the developer galpt. This is a unique but simple tool that allows you to launch a cheat in one click.

Features of the cheat:
  • F1 - Untouchable enemies;
  • F2 - Information E / Q;
  • F3 - Stamina Information;
  • F4 - Show Treasure Chests;
  • F5 - Rapid Fire.

Download Cheat Launcher For Genshin Impact Free

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Michael Everton
Michael Everton @Michael Everton 8 January 2022 09:05

Girls also play with cheats

Jeanett A guest 8 January 2022 09:09

Michael Everton, ++++++++++++++++++++ 😘

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