SkinChanger, Auto Spell, Insta Lock (v6.6) For League of Legends

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We would like to please you with a new free cheat for League of Legends with SkinChanger, AutoSpell and Insta Lock features, as well as other features that are available in this script. You just need to run the hack, and you can use any functionality for free, absolutely everything is controlled through a convenient menu, you can easily figure it out.

It is worth paying attention to SkinChanger, in which you can choose absolutely any skin available in the game for any character, and you do not need to spend money to buy it! In addition to changing skins for your heroes, this cheat has other features that you may need so much. You can change your rank in the chat so that others think you are a high level player, and thus you can troll League of Legends players.

How to use the cheat:
  1. Start the game;
  2. Run the cheat as administrator;
  3. Enjoy!

Download SkinChanger, Auto Spell, Insta Lock For LoL Free

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AdamHacks @I love Hacks 11 January 2022 10:28

At first I underestimated this cheat, because I tried a lot of hacks, but after a while I realized that he was very cool

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