NoRecoil Script - No Ban (v1.2.2) For Apex Legends

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One of the best working cheats in our time that was developed for Apex Legends. Using this simple cheat script, you can customize your shooting and thus make it more accurate thanks to the NoRecoil function, which is completely safe and you will not get blocked. The hack can be used both on the Steam client version and on Origin. You will be able to shoot accurately with any type of weapon, just use this cheat on Apex Legends.

  • P: Pause / Unpause the script;
  • O: Turn on / off voice communication;
  • END: Close script;
  • J: Enabling Blood Hound Ultimate manually (if auto-detection is faulty).

Download NoRecoil Script (Steam/Origin) For Apex Legends Free

We recommend to download:
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