PhasmoMenu (v0.3.8.4) For Phasmophobia

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PhasmoMenu is a universal cheat for PappyG's Phasmophobia game, which is available for free for all users. If you want to use more game features such as knowing ghost information, players, walk through walls, fast travel around the map, use infinite skills and more, then you should pay attention to this script for Phasmophobia (Steam version).

How to use PhasmoMenu:
  1. Download CheatEngine 7.4;
  2. Open Phasmophobia;
  3. Run PhasmoMenu v0.3.8.4 By PappyG.CETRAINER;
  4. The main window of the script is minimized during the game. To open this window again, press Alt+Tab, or click at the top of any visible window;
  5. Play!

Download PhasmoMenu - Cheat Menu For Phasmophobia Free

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