EpicGlobal + Injector (v17.8) For Genshin Impact

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We want to recommend you another free EpicGlobal cheat for Genshin Impact with a built-in injector. This is a great hack in Chinese with a user friendly menu where you can manage various functions. In addition, the developer shared his unique injector with which you can safely implement a cheat into the game.

It has all the necessary features for a dominant game. For example, the ability to double attack, fast attack, infinite mana, teleport, visual settings and much more. The script will be constantly updated and improved, so stay tuned.

How to use Genshin EpicGlobal:
  1. Fully boot into the game;
  2. Run the cheat as an administrator;
  3. Wait for the console to appear, press F2, wait for success, then press F2 again;
  4. You will see a small dialog appear at the bottom, click on the text here:
Attention!!! For using the teleport, most likely you will receive an instant ban!

Download EpicGlobal with Genshin Impact Injector Free

We recommend to download:
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