ESP + RageBot + Aimbot (2022) For PUBG

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PUBG is a popular battle royale game. It was this game that once promoted the battle royale genre, and every day hundreds of PUBG clones began to be released. Recently the game became free on Steam, and many began to wonder where you can download cheats, everything is very simple and we will answer this question. All the best cheats for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are available on our portal, and even now we can offer a new working script.

A simple cheat with many features in English. By following the instructions, you will be able to launch and play with this hack! The main features include: Legit Aimbot and Rage Aimbot, as well as an unusual ESP for displaying enemies through textures and objects.

How to use:
  1. Extract all files to a folder of your choice;
  2. Run login.exe and log in before launching the game;
  3. Open PUBG;
  4. Run yy.exe in a game match (do not run in a lobby);
  5. Wait 5 seconds in game;
  6. Enjoy the game 🥰

Download Universal Multihack RageBot Aimbot + ESP For PUBG Free

We recommend to download:
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