DuckySploit Executor (v2.4) For Roblox

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DuckSploit is a self-written script executor that supports Lua files as well as level 7 scripts. Since it does not have a key, you can download it, run it, and start executing UR scripts, the scripts should be located in the "Powered by WeAreDevs" folder.

DuckySploit features:
  • Auto Updated - UnPatched
  • Undetected
  • Optimized
  • Keyless
  • User Friendly UI
  • Pre-Installed Scripts
  • Script Hub - Universal / Game Specific
  • Script Link (add raw link with the script)
  • Multi API
How to use:

Attention!!! Possible false positive by antivirus!

Download DuckySploit Level 7 Executor For Roblox Free

We recommend to download:
qpukas_x A guest 25 January 2022 11:35

7 level  key executor/ what heck This cheat is too useless and too bad! >: i don't like.. but it too good looks.. but seriosly it can't even hack the gae am not hacker and it's bad be hacker!!!

Cheats.ADM @We are near 25 January 2022 13:30

qpukas_x, We value your opinion, thanks for your comment! Leave more, well, we will pass your opinion on to the developer

samaranthan1 A guest 30 January 2022 20:29

i whant to kill him and bann him in roblox hes name is @Xxxsupremebabyx 

cuciu 1 February 2022 12:07

Hi, thank you for adding DuckySploit to your Forum I would appreciate if you add the credits & Github Link

Cheats.ADM @We are near 1 February 2022 15:14

cuciu, Hello dear developer! We are very glad that you paid attention to our resource, we have posted a link to the official DuckSploit page

Kelly-Miranda Keh-Miranda
Kelly-Miranda Keh-Miranda @Kelly-Miranda Keh-Miranda 4 February 2022 14:33

Wow, an update?! Yes! thx

Liam A guest 4 February 2022 18:18

maybe add a tutorial?

Cheats.ADM @We are near 5 February 2022 15:35

Liam, Dear user, we will try to make a video tutorial soon!

Cheats.ADM @We are near 6 February 2022 08:25

Liam, UPD: Dear user, added Video Tutorial as you requested! Thank you for staying with us!

Ryan A guest 17 February 2022 13:24

Does this have a virus 

Cheats.ADM @We are near 17 February 2022 14:56

Ryan, The developer claims that there may be false positives, but I think everything is clean, since users would have already written about suspicious software

Andrew A guest 3 April 2022 18:20

In folders, it wont let me extract so i cant really do anything

Gayass A guest 7 April 2022 08:37

I cant extract shit. help.

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